Rosewood Condominium

Deal Summary:
2010 Vision Ventures began its Due diligence process on the distressed Rosewood Condominium project
2011 Vision Ventures purchased a portion of the Rosewood debt from two of the four lenders. Regions Bank and National City (PNC Bank)
2012 Vision Ventures purchased the other Lender’s of the debt and was awarded via the bankruptcy court the fee simple title to the 54 remaining unsold units.
2013 Vision Ventures purchased the final lender’s (BB&T) portion of the property and began the completion and sales process for the 54 units
2015 Vision Ventures successfully sold the last of the 54 units

Rosewood’s Luxury Condos are located at the corner of Providence and Sharon Amity in Charlotte, NC. Three Towers, nine acres and hundreds of roses adorn this 9 acre estate complete with outdoor pool, tennis courts, first class fitness facility and gourmet coffee bar. This grand yet wonderfully unpretentious property is adored by all that live here, not just for the wonderful amenities but the 5 star concierge service, 24 hour security, gorgeous interiors and craftsman-like construction. Just minutes from South Park and a pleasant 10 minutes away from Uptown Charlotte.
In 2012, Vision Ventures and its investment partners won control of 54 unsold units at the Rosewood condominium development in Charlotte, NC. Earlier they had purchased the debt for the project and then spent two years working through bankruptcy court before taking ownership of the condos.
Since Vision Ventures’ involvement, the development became eligible for certification under mortgage programs insured by Fannie Mae.Vision Ventures brought on a design team and general contractor to customize and build out each of the 54 unit interiors.. In 2015, all unsold units acquired by Vision Ventures had been sold.